9 July 2014

make_your_own_luckWhy do some people seem to be inherently more “lucky” than others? Are you the kind of person who always finds themselves running after a missed bus and getting caught in the rain without an umbrella?

Personally, I think there’s a more simple explanation and it has a lot to do with perception and reaction. Is it fair to suggest that if you look for the good in every situation and believe that life is full of opportunities well within your reach, you’re more likely to react to certain things in a more positive way?

It’s at this junction that I’d say, ‘never underestimate the power of your own mind’. If you’re constantly thinking “I’m so unlucky”, there’s a chance it will start to become a kneejerk reaction – your personal mantra. If it’s something you start to expect, you run the risk of viewing certain situations as validations of this belief and missing so much in the process.

Maybe that “lucky” person did miss their bus and get caught in the rain without an umbrella… The question is – how did they react? What if, instead of shoving their hands in their pockets – hood up, head down – they smiled at someone or cracked a joke to try and lighten the mood? What if a stranger laughed and offered to share their brolly? That stranger could become a friend, an important contact, the love of your life.

So, what is luck? What if it’s just a special way of seeing the world? If it is, we all have the potential to be very lucky indeed.

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