10 July 2014

After creating such a great sense of momentum throughout the World Cup so far, it’s a shame to see Brazil fall so hard at the final hurdle. Germany’s performance on Tuesday night was a demonstration of what a tight knit team can achieve when each player is aware of their role and how it contributes to their team’s strategy and goals (quite literally on this occasion).

connected_goalI also found it interesting that one of their players described the team as a “super blend”, which is a great way to summarize their winning formula. When I look at the different teams in UKFast, it seems to be the ones with the most well balanced combinations of personality types that perform the most consistently. Every team member has strengths and weaknesses, but if they can recognise and make the most out of each other’s strong points, they become a force to be reckoned with.

The disappointment in the eyes of each of Brazil’s players was clear to see at the end of the match. It’s something I’m sure many of us can relate to, knowing that there have been times in our own lives where we’ve fallen short of our own expectations. Hopefully, they can take this defeat and learn from it. Many talented sportspeople have been undone under pressure at some point or another. Yet it’s the ones who come back with a vengeance and a point to prove that go on to achieve great things.

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