11 July 2014

So, the government wants to rush through a law to ensure internet and telecoms companies have to keep hold of masses of data as an “emergency measure” – is this really necessary?

bigbrotherwatchingPersonally, I think making a business that already has enough to do – sorting out admin and filing reports in order to run things ethically – to grow their storage exponentially simply because they want access to everyone’s records is ludicrous. Whilst I understand that it’s important to be open to measures that protect our national security, there are already plenty of procedures in place. If somebody wanted to remove a server from one of our data centres for a court case, for example, there’s already a process.

Is this just another sign that politicians need to get out of Whitehall and actually canvas people’s opinions? And why has this change been rushed through without any real discussion? You’d think that, looking at how unpopular the Patriot Act is in America, the government would realise that following suit is a bad idea.

In my opinion, this is just another kneejerk reaction, but one that means we all get kicked.

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