14 July 2014

After reading his latest comments about MP’s pay, it’s little surprise that Nigel Farage has turned into a bit of a Bond villain figure. I’m curious to know what other people think of his suggestions. Personally, I think they’re grossly inappropriate.

UTWIT-20140713-172716650Last week, Farage said that if Britain leaves the EU, he’d back a huge pay rise for MPs, taking them from around £67,000 to £90,000 or even £100,000. Not only that; he also suggested GPs should have their pay capped so that they didn’t run their surgeries like “a fiefdom”. The reason? He had a tumour misdiagnosed for six weeks. While I’m not saying there aren’t improvements that need to be made, I think it’s staggering that Farage is trying to push his own agenda to punish GPs for something he’s suffered.

His comments imply that he sees his role in society as far more important than that of family doctors! What a suggestion! It would be incredibly difficult for a GP to diagnose everything right first time every time. The complexity of diagnostics is the reason why medical students study and train for seven or eight years! Sometimes knowing what is wrong with someone is simple, but something unseen like a tumour could have the symptoms of fifty or so other illnesses. It’s also worth pointing out that a diagnosis often depends on the answers given by patients in response to their doctor’s questions.

Farage’s belief that politicians play a more important role than doctors is laughable, in my opinion. His argument about MPs deserving a pay rise for Britain leaving the EU is staggeringly insensitive when you’ve got people going on strike because they haven’t had a pay rise in years or are capped at a 1%. You’d think he would have learnt from people’s reaction to last year’s IPSA proposal that politicians receive a pay hike of 11% after the 2015 election. For someone who likes to appear as the people’s politician, he’s shown himself to be very out of touch. Shouldn’t leaders be using their power and standing in society to help other people, not just themselves?

I don’t condone striking, but I’d actually be happy to suggest it to the politicians – they’d be doing us all a favour!

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