16 July 2014

In life and in business, we often have to make quick judgements about certain situations or people. We probably make many of them without much conscious thought. So are we sometimes too quick to judge or are first impressions always right?

FACEBOOK_CVPersonally, I don’t think you can say anyone is always right, and whilst I do believe in trusting your instincts, there’s something to be said for questioning them now and then. Think of the number of great writers who were rejected by publishers over and over again, underestimated because they were young and inexperienced. Were those publishers too fixed in their ways to see a diamond in the rough? If you play by the rules and stick to the guide book all the time, do you end up shooting yourself in the foot?

Letting people have the opportunity to prove you wrong every now and then is no bad thing. You might have got the measure of them immediately, but occasionally diamonds do slip through the net. As with great people, they might not be sparkling when you first see them – they might just need somebody to pluck them out and dust them off! But they do have the capability to shine, given the chance.

Have you ever misjudged someone or even been underestimated yourself? I think it happens more often than we realise. I’ve certainly been laughed at by people who’ve underestimated me, but it’s just driven me to prove them wrong. Maybe that’s my stubborn streak coming through! What do you think? Does having a point to prove make you work harder?

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