17 July 2014

This week, the Conservative cabinet reshuffle seems to be dominating the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Is it a ploy to make the party look more appealing to voters or a genuine attempt to freshen up politics?

cabinet_reshuffleWhilst it certainly looks good at face value, the question is – does it stand up under scrutiny? The new education secretary, Nicky Morgan, has faced criticism for voting in opposition of same sex marriage (and is also, as it happens, the minister for equalities!) And it’s also been revealed that the new science minister is a backer of homeopathy, which has been widely discredited by the majority of scientists.

Cameron has said this is a team that “reflects modern Britain” but is it actually a fair reflection? And, more importantly, is it what Britain wants? Whilst I appreciate that the party has taken some positive steps, I can’t understand why they don’t find ministers with some background experience in the area they are representing. Morgan is a lawyer, not a teacher. However, I remain hopeful that she – and the others – will prove me wrong. I think it’s fair to give everyone a chance before criticizing, but she has a lot to do in the wake of Mr Gove.

Ultimately, change has to come from the inside out but I remain to be convinced that this latest reshuffle has actually dug deep enough to make any real and lasting changes. Whether it’s a winning hand or not remains to be seen.

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