21 July 2014

There’s no doubt about it; the world is evolving. Technology is changing the rules of the game. If we want to play it or sit it out on the bench, it’s our choice. Yet, according to a recent survey of 16,000 people across the world, 77% of respondents believe the world is changing too fast and want to slow it down. What’s interesting though is that the majority of people believe technology is part of the solution, not the problem.

reboot_lifeWhilst advances in things like drone technology might scare people, there seems to be an understanding of the good that technology can do and the ways in which it can be used to simplify things, rather than complicate them. Ultimately, it’s all down to how you choose to incorporate technology into your life. It might be seen as advantageous to give your child an iPad during a long car journey, for example, but when they’re playing on it for 8 hours a day then it becomes a critical problem that could then inhibit them from picking up social skills.

Personally, I don’t think technology is moving fast enough. People who know my schedule and the kinds of adrenaline-fuelled activities I enjoy might find that typical of me, but it’s all about maintaining momentum. If you look at my life, the only reason I can maintain a fast pace is because I try to stay mindful of striking the right balance. The secret is actually rest and switching off now and again. You can’t run a marathon every day of your life!

It’s no secret that we’ve got a house in Wales with none of the mod cons of life back in Manchester. There’s no signal down there, no television, and the water is pumped from a lake. It’s a completely different way of life. In reality, the only time I struggle with the pace of things is when I’ve not been disciplined enough to switch off – my mind, the iPad, the phone and everything else – and take a rest. A good analogy is to compare it with athletes who expend their energy in bursts and recapture it in between.

We can all choose how we manage technology. It’s easy to get caught up in things and get addicted, but good technology is designed to simplify life. The world is changing and technology is evolving, but that doesn’t mean that – every now and then – you can’t just press the off button. In fact, sometimes, it’s exactly the reboot you need!


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