24 July 2014

Yesterday’s ceremony in the heart of Glasgow marked the official opening of the 20th Commonwealth Games.

If you needed any proof of how fundamental sport is to life in Great Britain, you’d only have to look as far as the audience numbers – both in the stadium and watching at home. As well as 40,000 people there in person, the TV audience was apparently in the billions! If you were anywhere in London during the Olympics, you’ll remember the energy and buzz that sport generated then as well.

good_luck_glasgowThere’s something about sport that, I think, brings out both the supportive and competitive sides of peoples’ personalities, bringing on the cheering and the baited breath. The caveat to that, I suppose, is that we need to know that the athletes we’re supporting are in it body, mind and soul, which you could argue is the reason why England’s football team received such a poor reception in the World Cup!

I think there are some inspirational organisations in the UK getting young people competing in sport, and loads of great role models showing them that there’s no such thing as impossible. If the games remind all the school heads that banned ‘winners’ from sports days that it’s dangerous to  neutralise competition, it can only be a good thing.

Best of luck to all of the athletes taking part in the games – which includes the world number one squash player Laura Massaro. Laura visited us at UKFast recently with her trophy and seemed calm and confident so let’s hope she smashes it on court!

Let the games begin…

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