6 August 2014

It’s incredible to think that, on this date in 1991, a team of CERN engineers put together the first ever website. If you’ve not seen it already, there is a version you can look at, and what’s striking about it is how simple it is. So ironically you could say it’s not actually very striking at all!

1991_macWith a description of the World Wide Web and some links to further information, the first website essentially consisted of lines of text on a white background. Can you imagine if the landing page of every website still looked like this?

Web design has come a long way in the relatively short lifetime of the internet – and I know that if you’re of a certain age you might feel like it’s been around forever, but in the grand scheme of things it’s still quite young.

There are few things more exciting than progress, especially when it happens at a fast pace. And whilst we could always be evolving faster in terms of technology, it does bring a smile to my face to remember the early days of UKFast when people still used fax machines and floppy disks.

The interactive, user-friendly and highly creative websites we see today are a far cry from 1991. That first basic HTML website represented something huge, something life-changing, and since then, people have run with it, taken it to new levels and opened up plenty of opportunities.

In my opinion, today shouldn’t be about one man’s work, but the work of many; the digital experts who continue to push the boundaries and take internet technology to new heights.

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