19 August 2014

I’ve always felt proud to be a Brit. For such a comparatively small island, we’ve all created, influenced and contributed so much. This isn’t to say the UK is a nation without problems, far from it. We do, however, have plenty of appealing features, and it’s great for tourism.

ice_creamAccording to the Office for National Statistics, the first half of this year saw 16.41 million trips to the UK from abroad; 8% more than the first half of last year. It’s great news, yet it doesn’t surprise me when you consider our history, full of technological pioneers and heroes in music and sport. Combined with the thriving cities, beautiful countryside and all the weird idiosyncrasies that make Britain great, you’ve got a melting pot of ingredients that make for this amazing destination.

That being said, I don’t think we should take the increase in inbound tourism as a sign to sit back on our laurels or get complacent. We can always do better and achieve more. As business owners, especially those within the tourism industry, we’ve got to make sure we keep providing an amazing customer experience that brings people back to Britain time and time again.


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