28 August 2014

At a time when the Scottish referendum is getting ever closer, emerging onto the not too distant horizon, a group of companies has evaluated the business case for independence and, apparently, found it wanting. In a letter, signed by over 130 businesses, attention was drawn to the potential risks to Scotland’s economy should they vote ‘yes’ this September.

scottish_independanceAs a business with a Scottish office – which we chose rather than going south to the capital – the debate over independence is something we take an interest in. I know people initially questioned our decision to expand to Glasgow when the referendum was looming so closely but, whether Scotland becomes independent or not, it will always be a huge part of global and British business.

I think it’s a country that’s investing in its digital future – they’ve increased connectivity with their own internet exchange, IX Scotland – and there are certainly some tech firms up in Glasgow hungry to rival London; it’s an attitude we love to see.

Personally, I would always advocate communication and collaboration over separation, but at the moment this feels like it’s a situation that could go either way; and one that, ultimately, is down to the people of Scotland to decide.

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