4 September 2014

I was recently asked my opinion on what businesses should do to make the most out of seasonal lulls, and it got me thinking. Whilst there seems to be plenty of advice out there on the subject, I’d argue that there are always going to be people looking to do business. I don’t think you should just assume there will always be dips at specific times of the year.

summer_rightoffYou could argue that on a law of averages, on an incredibly hot summer day during school holidays, you’ll likely have most decision makers distracted with their families or on holiday. But if that’s the case, why not encourage your own team to take those times off for a break too? And it might seem like slightly unconventional business advice, but why not play more games? You’ve always got to be looking for new ways to engage with people, and not just with your customers but with your team because you don’t want them to get despondent.

Having said that, I do think it’s dangerous to get caught up in the belief that business is going to be quiet because it’s the summer or Christmas or whenever! You can always create your own downfall through believing that things are going to be bad. It’s about keeping an open mind, especially on the sales floor. You’ve got to keep yourself positive and always believe that the next person you ring up could be somebody who could change your life, or someone whose life you could change.

Lulls on their own aren’t the threat – it’s the anticipation of them that can cause the damage.

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