5 September 2014

How do you know you’ve got the right team? It’s one of life’s million dollar questions, especially as in business, solving the problems that invariably come your way boils down to one thing: people.

paperchain_peopleIn my experience, you only really find out how good a team is when, no matter how difficult a situation gets, they behave like a group of professionals, working seamlessly together and understanding one another’s expectations and standards.

Looking back over the last few months with our acquisition of Le Farinet hotel in Verbier (I’ll share more about this on Sunday) it makes you think, “Wow! How have we managed to achieve this?” Yet the answer is simple – we’ve found our A-Team!

I have a massive task here and the team has just been incredible. When I asked how long it was going to take, they just said, “Well, it’ll be quicker if we start now and stop talking about it.” Having people who step up and embrace a challenge is invaluable if you want to create a successful business.

But if you want people who will go to the ends of the earth for you, it has to work in two ways – you’ve got to be able to do it back to them. That’s how you create loyalty and lasting friendships. If you try and cut corners or push people too hard for too little, you don’t save yourself any time or money in the long run because you just create a poorer service and a culture of dissatisfied people.

The cost of getting the wrong people on board isn’t worth thinking about; having a team you know you can rely on 100% is priceless!

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