9 September 2014

If we were ever in any doubt as to what motivated this generation of politicians, the news about their 9% pay rise going ahead as planned says it all. I read Marcial Boo’s comments about their current pay of £67,000 being “miserly” and was fairly taken aback. I’m still struggling to understand how this is ethical. The hardworking people of Britain have been driving the economy out of the recession and having to suffer pay freezes and cuts. So why is it that, at the first sign of light at the end of the tunnel, the politicians, after all that embarrassment of the expenses scandal, are divvying themselves up a big pay cheque?

mp_payriseI was particularly saddened by the comment about needing higher salaries to attract “good people” – is he implying MPs are of a better quality than nurses and teachers? It’s like they’re putting themselves on a pedestal and they clearly think they make up the higher echelons of life. Aren’t politicians supposed to be concerned about helping people and bringing about change, not amassing huge wealth? What about William Wilberforce, who spent his life trying to abolish slavery? I never heard anything about his salary; it simply wasn’t the point!

As for referring to £67,000 as “miserly” – that just shows complete and utter disrespect to the British worker. What about firefighters, who risk their lives to help people and nurses who patiently care for and support their patients? Why is it that the people who are driven by the desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others are rewarded less than MPs, who also receive an expenses allowance – there’s no other sector in Britain that pays extras like this! Everyone else has to pay for the cost of living.

I believe we should have people in Parliament who are there because they want to make a difference not because they want a meal ticket. My mum, for example; she went into teaching because she genuinely wanted to make a difference and I never heard her complain about her salary. The girls she taught then are women now and some of them still pay her visits even though she’s retired. Where are these kinds of people in politics?

Personally, when it comes to our MPs, I think we’d be better off if they made politics more attractive to retired businessmen and women who are actually good with budgets, not a load of people with the commercial intelligence of antelope! What do you think?

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