10 September 2014

I often think that patience is one of those rare skills that it takes a lot of effort to master, but once you’ve got it in your armoury, can make a big difference.

PATIENCE_VIRTUEI also think it’s fair to say that, for people with creative entrepreneurial personalities, patience is an attribute that’s often harder to practice. It’s all too easy to get excited about an idea and jump straight into it. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with this on its own, it’s when you start craving the finished product, the ‘bringing-to-life’ of the vision you have in your mind, that you can become impatient.

This isn’t to say that you should do things slowly; far from it, as momentum is an important factor to success, but it’s so important to maintain not just your perspective, but your standards. Never underestimate the damage you can cause by cutting corners in order to get to an end point. There’s a reason they say patience is a virtue!

It’s also worth pointing out that impatience often spoils any enjoyment of the actual process of bringing an idea to life. We’ve all felt those pangs of impatience, but sometimes you simply have to step back and refocus. Getting impatient with other people is also something I’d try to avoid, especially when that person is on a learning curve themselves. If they make a mistake, being made to feel like they’re not learning fast enough can create unnecessary stress. It’s no surprise that patient people often make the best teachers.

Would you describe yourself as a patient person or is it something you have to work at?

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