15 September 2014

When you hear of terrible stories like the heartless arson attack carried out on Manchester Dog’s Home last week, it’s easy to become disillusioned and disheartened. If you’re a dog lover like me, you’ll probably have found yourself struggling to understand how a fellow human being could have such a lack of empathy that they would willingly cut short the lives of already vulnerable animals.

manchester_dogs_homeWhilst it’s a bitter pill to swallow knowing that there are people out there who carry out callous acts – not only towards animals but to fellow human beings – it’s so important to remember the thousands, if not millions, of generous individuals balancing out that cruelty with kindness. Once donations started after the Dog’s Home fire, they seemed to gather momentum, speeding onwards and upwards and exceeding all expectations. Our donation station at UKFast was inundated with food and toys for the rescued dogs, whilst countless other Manchester businesses did the same and stepped up to help.

There are some extraordinary people in this world and, while the tragic events and cruel acts of violence can sometimes seem overwhelming, they will always be outweighed by the acts of kindness and support that – if we look hard enough – we can see every day. My thoughts are with the Dog’s Home team, who are likely to be extremely distressed by these recent events. If you need any help with your rebuild, please get in touch.

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