17 September 2014

Whilst I’m not one to criticise a kind gesture, waking up to find U2’s album automatically downloaded to both mine and my wife’s iTunes accounts yesterday didn’t sit well with me.

ichooseThis isn’t to say that the intention behind the action wasn’t well-meaning, yet there’s something a little bit invasive about pushing something like this onto people.

Did they mean for it to be a nice surprise or is it just a marketing ploy gone awry? Either way, it seems to have backfired. On the flip side, Apple appears to be listening to its customers, as it has since simplified the process of removing the album if you’re not a U2 fan.

I’m sure plenty of people will appreciate the free album, but there certainly seem to be others who’ve been left unsettled by it. Where do you stand? Is this an act of generosity or an unwanted invasion?

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