18 September 2014

scottish_voteToday is the day. After hundreds of years of solidarity and a rich shared history, Great Britain’s future hangs in the balance.

Personally, I think the huge support for an independent Scotland is misplaced patriotism. I’m a Welshman, and I’m incredibly patriotic, but I’m still part of the British Isles. I’m still incredibly proud to be part of the whole of the UK because we’re made up of so many different components. We are blessed with this unique combination of places, and to have one monarch overarching this and a Parliament that looks after it; this is so historic. This is the history that we have that America doesn’t have and it’s why we have so much tourism.

I have a theory about the politicians involved in the ‘yes’ campaign, as they are the only people who are going to gain from this thing. In my opinion, Salmond would never make prime minister so as a glory attempt for power he’s put himself up there to champion this free Scotland. This is a short-signed, egotistical, self-indulgent grab at power… not that I have particularly strong opinions on the issue or anything…

I also find it a bit wrong as a British person that I am not allowed to vote. It doesn’t make any logical sense if you’re saying, “We’re going to potentially sever this part of the UK but only the people who live in it can vote for it”. That’s not a democracy.

It’s also worth pointing out some of the many unanswered questions that haven’t been adequately addressed. What are they going to do when the oil reserves run out in twenty years, for example? What are they going to do in the interim period if the NHS says, “We can’t offer our services here”? What are they going to do with the hundreds of embassies around the world that are British when their children travel further afield, when they have to re-negotiate their own embassies?

As an independent country, I think they’re going to be such a small part of Europe. It’s going to take them years to negotiate to see if they can get anything like the type of power that the Brits have within the EU. I’m a firm believer in the saying, “Together we stand, divided we fall” and I hope the right decision is made today. Where do you stand? Are you for or against an independent Scotland?

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