19 September 2014

I often talk about going the extra mile to provide customer service and, when it comes to brands doing this, I’ve long thought that Virgin are ahead of the pack. Put simply, it is part of their identity, their reason for existing, and is undoubtedly something that’s been instilled from their founder.

virgin_wifiSo it comes as no surprise to hear that, as of next year, Virgin Atlantic will be providing Wi-Fi on board flights from Europe. Personally, I think this is great news and an example of a company that are always at the cutting edge of innovation, always questioning how they can implement technology to drive an outstanding customer experience. They were even looking at how they could use Google Glass to simplify some of the process of taking a flight and making things more efficient for travellers.

Personally, as someone who often takes long haul flights, being disconnected for nine or ten hours, whilst often a welcome break, isn’t always convenient. If you consider how many businesspeople travel regularly, having this amount of time where they’re unable to get anything done isn’t ideal.

As the first European airline to provide this service to their customers, Virgin have shown that they’re invested in giving their customers the things they actually want. When it comes to connectivity, I think airline passengers will soon be asking the question, “Wi fly without it?” In my opinion, this is where Virgin have the competitive advantage!

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