29 September 2014

For a company with ‘fast’ in its name, it stands to reason that we value the significance of responding to the needs of our customers rapidly. Our focus, since we started up in 1999, has always been customer service, as people are at the heart of what we do. One thing we’ve learnt is a priority for our customers is a quick response when they need us.

too_slowReading about energy firms being criticised for taking too long to resolve complaints, I was reminded of this priority. Apparently, according to a survey by the energy regulator, customers have to contact their supplier six times on average before they had their problem solved. Whilst I understand how difficult it can be for businesses to streamline their processes, the problem of being put on hold and sitting, waiting in a queue is a real killer.

Whilst we’re certainly not claiming to be perfect, speed is something that’s in our DNA; and in the internet world it’s a big deal, as people abandon a site within seconds if it’s taking time to load. One thing that really makes me feel proud at work is seeing how far some people will go to help a customer when they’re worried about something.

It’s becoming more and more evident that everything in this world we live in is speeding up. As businesses, we’re noticing that customer expectations are rising, and rightly so when you consider the development and availability of technology to simplify processes. It’s our job – our challenge – to keep the pace.

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