1 October 2014

With the amount of security scares internet users have encountered this year, from Heartbleed to Shellshock and everything in between, it might seem like flaws and vulnerabilities are becoming an increasingly regular occurrence, but is this really the case or are they simply more prominent these days?

WebPersonally, I’m not surprised that the alarm has been raised so regularly, as I think it’s the nature of the industry we’re in. There will always be people committing crime; for hackers, every new innovation brings opportunity.

It’s also worth pointing out that programming is a moving object. It’s not a static object. Code doesn’t stand still. Time doesn’t stand still. As fast as you program something, the actual language will be growing at a certain rate; code will be being updated. It’s very difficult to keep on top of things that are moving in so many different areas.

That being said, we should all do our best to try and protect code and pre-empt potential vulnerabilities ourselves. It’s about common sense as well – keeping up to date with security, running software updates when needed, for example.

Back in the old days, you’d have a security person looking after a car park. Nowadays you’ve got security people looking after all the precious elements of your business. It’s just a different area to focus on; a new priority in our increasingly connected digital world.

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