31 October 2014

The UKFast team doesn’t need much persuading when it comes to fancy dress. On reflection, it’s probably down to shared personality traits, as getting involved and having fun play a big part in our company culture. When you add in the element of competition, it becomes an irresistible challenge and you can bet that everyone will step their game up and take being silly very seriously!

happy_halloweenOver the years, Halloween has become quite a big event for the company, with certain teams going down in UKFast history for their consistently awesome costumes. Some people might argue that it’s a distraction, but when you see the energy it creates out on the floor, the benefits are clear. Encouraging an environment of playfulness and creativity is – in my experience – good for business.

As well as being Halloween, today is also the day we raise as much money as we can for Forever Manchester by taking part in Caketober and putting on a big bake sale. Again, the competition between teams is fierce and it’s great seeing people’s hidden talents.

Halloween is one of the days I love being in the office for, and whilst that’s sadly not the case this year, you can bet I’ll be laughing at the photos that will be sent my way. If you follow us on social media, you can see our guys and ghouls working – and playing – hard too.  It’s not every day we have such a great excuse to act like kids again. I hope you’re enjoying it!

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