12 November 2014

How much of what we do in life is driven by other people, and the desire we feel to be the best we possibly can be for them?

paperchain_peopleWhether it’s a family member; your partner or child, or a whole team of employees and their families, there’s always an underlying determination to give back in some way. If that feeling isn’t there then you have a problem on your hands, as our identities are – at least to some extent – shaped by our relationships with others. Very rarely will you find someone driven solely by personal gain.

Personally, I feel a massive responsibility to keep working hard and building on the successes of UKFast and now Le Farinet. People often ask me why I don’t get tired of the pace, the seemingly constant activity, yet I would argue that it’s just who I am, and my reply would be, “Can you imagine me being any other way?” Usually, this is answered by laughter and a resounding, “No”.

Standing back and observing people is something I enjoy, and what I have noticed lately is that people work a lot harder for others than they do for their own gain. Why? Well, I suppose when you’re working to make something for someone else, you feel like you simply have to make it work. I don’t think this kind of motivation is a bad thing either. In fact, it’s one of the reasons we still get all of these great stories amongst the negativity the media tend to hone in on.

There are some wonderful people in the world, driven by some amazing causes. I hope each and every one of them has someone out there working just as hard for them as they are for others.

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