13 November 2014

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt about customer service, it’s that it’s almost always better to under-promise and over-deliver than it is to overegg the pudding in the first place. In my experience, when people make a big deal out of something, it almost always underwhelms.

fracking_scalesWe’re a nation of great imaginations, ready to take an idea and run with it, turning it into something extraordinary. So, it makes sense that we don’t enjoy being let down by anticlimactic moments, like yesterday’s revelation from the UK’s Energy Research Centre about fracking. It might not come as a surprise to many to hear that the UKERC has described ministers’ promises about shale gas as “hype” and as “lacking in evidence.”

Despite the big claims of pro-fracking politicians, there still seems to be little evidence of the benefits of it all. However, what they don’t seem to be listening to is the concern of the public, who are for the most part worried about the effects of drilling on the environment. It’s a concern I share. For me, there’s a real pull towards the great outdoors and the mountains. They’re places to escape to and places that should be preserved.

Shouldn’t we be focussing our energy on investing more in renewable energy, like solar power and hydroelectricity? The power we use at UKFast is green and we pay a premium for that but, for me, it makes perfect sense. I don’t want our business impacting negatively on our environment, as everything we touch in life, we should add value to. When it comes to fracking, it seems that ‘value’ has been exaggerated. Personally, I’m not yet convinced it’s a risk worth taking.

What do you think? Do the potential gains of fracking add up, or is it simply a gamble we’d be wise to avoid?

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