18 November 2014

If we needed further proof that children are more capable than we often give them credit for, the story of six year old Ayan Qureshi passing his Microsoft exam at the age of five should do the trick.

play_blocksI’ve often spoken about how most great sportspeople received an incredible amount of support and drive from a passionate parent or coach; think of Tiger Woods or Jessica Ennis. It seems to be exactly what happened in Ayan’s case too, as his father, Asim, introduced him to computers at just three.

While at first it was just playing, Asim claims his son’s appetite for information and learning was exceptional and he’d tell him more and more until Ayan was even able to set up his own computer network in the family home.

Personally, I think this is a great story. It seems unusual, but in some ways it’s not that dissimilar to learning a new language like French or Spanish. Coding is a language in itself and will ultimately become as important for future generations. However, what Ayan has achieved at such a young age is very impressive indeed and he clearly has an outstanding aptitude for technical information.

At UKFast we often talk about the ‘paper round gene’; something we look for when recruiting new people. The way I see it, if you made your own way and took on responsibility at a young age, you probably have the drive and passion we thrive on. With Ayan already dreaming big, with plans to launch his own company and even a UK-based IT hub, I have a feeling he’ll be giving us a real run for our money in years to come. If not Ayan, you can always come and try out a career at UKFast!

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