20 November 2014

Someone asked me quite an interesting question yesterday and, after some thought, I’d like to answer it. The question is this:

“Is having an ego a good thing when it comes to running a business?”

Personally, I think the opposite is true. For many entrepreneurs, setting up in business isn’t a self-centred venture. There’s often a deeper reason, a desire to change something for the better.

leave_your_egoLooking at some of the stories published about me or about UKFast, I’m sure there are people who think there’s a big ego there, but truthfully I’m a firm believer in leaving your ego at the door. It makes sense when you consider how limiting it is, and by that I mean how distracting it can become.

If you’re always bothered by what other people think of you, you’re not giving the task at hand 100% of your brain.

That being said, I do think it’s easy to get overconfident when you get good at something, but invariably you will get brought back down to earth with a bump when you do something wrong. We all have an ego; it’s how we keep it in check that matters.

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