2 December 2014

When you think of great customer service, is it always a flawless experience that comes to mind? Whilst it’s great when this happens, even the most prepared teams can encounter hitches or make mistakes. That’s the thing about being human, we all make mistakes from time to time; it’s whether or not we learn from them that makes the difference.

customer_serviceMaking a mistake doesn’t necessarily guarantee your customers will walk away feeling dissatisfied. Have you ever had an experience at a restaurant or hotel when something hasn’t quite gone to plan, but the staff have gone above and beyond to make it right? For me, this is the nature of great customer service.

If you are always striving to be better, criticism is something you can learn and grow from. It’s often when you sit back on your laurels and think you are the finished article that you start to make mistakes. That being said, customer service is also about empowering people to make decisions. So, if something does go wrong, they are able to use their judgement and experience to make it right.

What is great customer service to you? Is it about achieving perfection, or is it about listening to customers and responding in a way that exceeds their expectations?

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