3 December 2014

Normally, on the run up to Christmas, online retailers are enjoying higher than average sales. One store, however, seems to have been put firmly on Santa’s blacklist.

sad_amazonIf you haven’t read about this yet, it’s the news that Amazon is reportedly set to lose out on £2.5m, as more than 11,000 people sign a pledge to avoid them. I’m told it is part of a campaign called Amazon Anonymous, which encourages shoppers to buy their Christmas presents elsewhere.

Personally, I think it’s a great idea. I don’t buy anything from Amazon anymore, having realised how little tax they pay in this country. Huge corporates that are unwilling to contribute fairly to the economy are a real bugbear of mine. They also seem to have acquired quite a negative brand image for apparently being a place where employees get low wages, yet are still put under high pressure.

Whilst I understand that some of these stories are likely to be embellished, it’s still a cause for concern, and if they want to get any of these customers back, they need to be more open to criticism and willing to act on people’s feedback. No business is a perfect entity and we all get things wrong sometimes, but if you are ignoring your customers, you will invariably lose out in the long run.

Ultimately, Amazon Anonymous is yet another reminder that consumers will vote with their feet, or in this case, their hands, if they disagree with your business’ values. I hope they’re taking people’s opinions on board and looking at how they can solve any problems, but for the time being, you can definitely add my name to the pledge.

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