9 December 2014

According to an article published on the BBC yesterday, the focus on coding in schools could leave some kids out in the cold if only those who are gifted at maths are encouraged to pursue the subject. I’ve always thought league tables were an ineffective way of rating schools, as they only go on limited criteria, so I find this suggestion particularly worrying.

play_blocksSurely, we should be focussing less on league tables and more on giving every child a well-rounded education. If not, this means we’re simply sending some kids out into the world with fewer strings to their bow whilst others gain an unfair advantage.

What I’d also point out is that programming isn’t necessarily all about mathematical ability; it’s a very creative thing. It’s like laying the foundations of a building. When you write code, you actually build something, and you’re allowing your mind to develop these incredible tools.

I would even go as far as to say that coding is as important as reading and writing. It’s another language so it’s important that children learn this language early on. And whilst I understand that some teachers are nervous about whether they will have the resources behind them to help them get up to scratch, it’s such an exciting opportunity to learn and do more. Surely, as a teaching profession, this is a great challenge.

The world is changing and coding is very much a part of that. Hopefully, with the right training, teachers will embrace it and pass on their knowledge not just to the kids who are good at maths and science, but all children. Creativity comes in many forms, but very rarely is it captured by where a school places in a league table!

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