15 December 2014

Last week, Instagram announced that, with 300m users, they’re now bigger than Twitter, which raises some interesting questions for brands using social media.

instagramBusinesses are often told to use all platforms and create a bold digital presence and whilst I agree that it’s important for businesses to stay ahead of the curve, I think it’s also important to use what you feel is right for your brand specifically. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine – the list goes on – yet all of them have different strengths. For businesses, I think it’s important to ask what goal you are setting out to achieve before jumping on the next new social media bandwagon.

This isn’t to stay Instagram isn’t adding huge value to the brands using it. As it happens, it’s been beneficial for Le Farinet, showing the development of the building in progress and providing visual snowfall updates for skiers and boarders looking to come out to Verbier. What’s important for brands, however, is questioning the value of creating another social media presence and understanding how it can help you achieve your aims before jumping in feet first.

Your business is your story, so how you tell it is up to you.

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