16 December 2014

Today is the start of something exciting for some of the UKFast team, who are getting their elf shoes on and hot footing it down to the Mission Christmas warehouse, where donated toys are sorted and sent out to those in need.

elf_worker_300x225It’s all in the run up to the final day of the campaign, which is this Thursday, so you’ve still got time to pop into our HQ in Hulme (we’re one of the official drop off points) with a new, unwrapped toy. It will go to one of the 1 in 3 kids across Greater Manchester living in such poverty that they wouldn’t usually get a gift on Christmas morning. It’s a shocking statistic in this day and age, but one that we’re all working to change. Manchester has always been a city where people pull together to support one another, so I’m positive we’ll make a huge difference this year.

For now, I’m incredibly proud of the volunteers from UKFast who are working hard to drive some positive change. Imagine if we all dedicated a couple of hours each week helping someone in our community or even in our own family. I bet we’d be a much stronger nation as a result of it.

Having said that, there are already so many unsung heroes out there helping others in ways we’ll never know; yet recognition and praise is not always the motivator for these kinds of people. To quote Tony Robbins: “Only those who have learned the power of sincere and selfless contribution experience life’s deepest joy: true fulfilment.”

I’ll share how the UKFast team got on at the warehouse in this Sunday’s blog. I’m sure the volunteers will have taken plenty of elfies – sorry, ‘selfies’ – that I can include for your amusement too!

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