22 December 2014

After such a positive autumn statement, I’ve got to say it’s hugely disappointing to hear how hard Manchester has been hit in the latest lot of government spending cuts, especially when you compare it with other regions that are further south.

mp_payriseHaving disproportionate areas of spend in different areas of the country is unfair, plain and simple. We should be helping all of the people in Britain, not just a handful of the population. So why is it that Manchester is losing out on £28.1million whilst other areas are gaining almost as much?

Whilst I understand that certain places in the South are in dire need of better flood defences, is it fair that the money they gain should be to the detriment of other regions; and not just Manchester, but many of others including Middlesbrough and Liverpool? You can’t solve one region’s problem by taking from another, as this will invariably put much needed public services at risk within those areas.

Having said that, I’m certainly not swayed by Labour’s promises to remedy the situation, and I think it’s all pre-election rhetoric. I personally feel like they put us in this position when they inherited a strong economy and absolutely decimated it by overspending. We’re just getting that back now by having more business savvy politicians so, whilst I disagree with the disproportionate cuts, our strength as a nation is all about staying the course and moving forward.

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