29 December 2014

It is at this time of year, after the indulgence of Christmas, that people start looking to the next chapter, thinking about what they want to achieve or change about their lives. For many, making a change is the achievement! So, what’s yours?

todo_listI’ve always set my personal goals at a slightly different time of year, a time that feels more of a new chapter in my life than the New Year itself. For me, the anniversary of my avalanche accident seems a much more appropriate time to reflect, and to set myself new goals moving forwards. What I do know is, I’m incredibly lucky to be here – enjoying my second chance – and as we count down to 2015 in a couple of days, it’s something I will be acutely aware of.

If you’re setting yourself some new goals for the New Year, get dreaming, and dreaming big! Don’t just think about them either; take some time for yourself (it’s a rarity in this day and age, but a great tonic when the pressures of life mount up) and write them down. Every detail! Imagine what you want 2015 to look like and put pen to paper.

Life is a journey. If you’re in charge of plotting the map, why would you let it take you anywhere other than the top of the highest mountain?

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