5 January 2015

If last year taught us anything it was that we are still, for the most part, underprepared when it comes to internet security. We saw big corporations losing huge amounts of confidential data through a lack of investment in protecting their IT infrastructure. Recently, a hacker also claimed he was able to clone the thumbprint of a politician in Germany using photos and some software. So maybe the heads of big organisations will now also have to invest more in protecting their hands!

thumbprint_scan_300x225Whilst it might sound a bit James Bond, there have actually been exploits of fingerprint biometrics before. Think criminals cutting off people’s fingers to get past the security systems of cars.

Fortunately, biometrics is moving into other areas, such as vein recognition in fingers – which would presumably decrease the threat of having your digits cut off. Apparently, a major bank has already introduced finger vein recognition for its business customers. It’s all food for thought, and a reminder of how quickly technology changes, sometimes forcing us all to adapt in order to keep up with it.

This year, internet security is definitely something I’m excited about. I’m looking forward to moving more into the network security side of things, more of the ethical hacking, more of the protection layer of managing the safety aspects of the internet. Ten years ago, people were putting websites on the internet. Now people are putting everything on the internet. This is why security measures around identification, things like passphrases and multi-factor authentication, are advancing.

Biometrics is an exciting field within that, but I think fingerprints are proving themselves to be less handy than we thought when it comes to security. What do you think? Will 2015 see any exciting advancements in the technology that helps to protect our identity?

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