7 January 2015

For many regions, especially those in the North West, one of the most frustrating things we encounter is the London-centric attitude that suggests home grown talent ought to go south if they want to become successful. Yet, according to a recent report from the think tank ‘New Economy’, Greater Manchester is set to generate 110,000 new jobs over the next decade, showing how full of opportunities the city really is.

manchester_signpost_300x225In a business sense, it’s an ideal place to set up and I know a number of people who have chosen to set up here instead of London. After all, it’s so easy to plug and play in a city like Manchester. You’ve got big companies like Bruntwood who offer flexible space, from a one man office to a whole building if you want. And, unlike the capital where you’re going to get hammered on property prices, you can actually buy a property here. It’s much more affordable and I think North West cities are taking advantage of that. Our creative environments are growing; this is where the fresh ideas are at.

However, it’s not just London we’re looking to compete with. We can take on global cities and create new Silicon Valleys instead of just rivalling the capital. When you think about it, Manchester is in a strong position to do this, geographically speaking. It’s the biggest city that is most central to the UK, which is why it did well in the industrial revolution.

These days, you don’t have to be in London anymore and, with Manchester’s future set to be so bright, it’s certainly a great alternative.

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