9 January 2015

Whilst I wasn’t originally intending to write about this tragedy, I believe that – in its aftermath – we all have a part to play in the ensuing conversation. After all, conversation is essentially what’s at stake here; it is what we are all defending – the right to discuss, challenge and share ideas about the world we live in.

pen_swordI think it’s important to reflect on the futility of this week’s aggression. History tells us that you can’t suppress views of any type. Thoughts and opinions, once planted in people’s minds, grow just like seeds and gather momentum. We should all adopt a live and let live approach to life. Differences in opinion whether religious or personal are healthy and create debate and ultimately help us find our way in this complicated world.

What this terrible incident shows is that you can’t stop people expressing an opinion. Violence and extreme reaction against defenceless people only strengthens the resolve of the masses and fuels a stronger case against the perpetrators. The pen is mightier than the sword. The overwhelming global support for the victims and condemnation of the aggressors demonstrates this.

There is no place for weapons in our society and, ultimately, if people passionately believe they have been wronged, they should attempt to educate the world, not police it.

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