16 January 2015

When we moved UKFast from City Tower to Archway, we invited ideas from everybody across the company on what they would most like to have in the building. Whilst there were plenty of great suggestions, from kennels to space hoppers, the one that came up the most was an onsite gym.

exercise_20mins_daily_300x225It was an idea I was instantly on board with, as I know how beneficial exercise can be to your wellbeing – both physical and emotional – and your productivity. In the past, whenever I’ve let my own routine fall by the wayside during incredibly busy times, I’ve found that my ability to deal with stress comes less easily, and I’d directly equate that to a lack of physical activity.

So, in some ways I wasn’t surprised to read that a study by researchers at the University of Cambridge had found that inactivity kills more people per year than obesity. It’s true that these two things often go hand in hand; however, if you’re slim and inactive, you still run the risk of health problems.

Whilst it’s obviously important to tackle both obesity and inactivity, I do think exercise can be a catalyst for change, actually inspiring people who are overweight to set new goals and take care of their bodies. It’s not so much about appearance, but about being able to use your body to allow you to achieve great things.

As the researchers say, all it takes to counter inactivity are small changes. Whether it’s walking to work instead of driving or just getting outside and taking in the great British countryside with your family at the weekend, the little things add up over time to create a big change.

Even technology has a part to play in this. Consider all the wearable devices and mobile apps that can help you measure your progress and stay on track. This is technology at its best, in my opinion, when it simplifies and supports the processes that lead to positive change.

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