23 January 2015

“It’s made me think differently about being a dad, a partner, a human being.” These are the words of Alex Lewis, a father and husband whose story I came across yesterday whilst reading the news.

alex_lewis_300x225Alex became a quadruple amputee towards the end of 2013 after getting an infection that caused severe blood poisoning. To stop his infected limbs from killing him, he underwent three amputations and then, when a rebuild of his remaining arm failed, a fourth. His nose and lips were also damaged, and surgeons have used skin grafts to rebuild them for him.

As a result of this, he and his wife have lost their business and have no doubt been on quite a journey adjusting to everything that has happened. What’s amazing is their positivity, especially Alex’s own attitude to his experience. Using prosthetics, he is walking again and a charity has been set up in his name so he is focused on helping others.

I’m reminded of the saying, “I cried because I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet.” Sometimes in life, we lose sight of the things that matter; the people around us and the relationships we have with them. I’ve had to explain perspective to my three daughters before, as they grow up and learn about the world around them, but sometimes it’s important that we are all reminded of the real meaning of this word.

Alex’s story is also a reminder that everything in life can change in an instant. I’ve nearly died myself, and I know how it shakes you to your core and changes the way you see things. But the adversity Alex is still overcoming is huge. Whilst you have breath in your lungs you have to fight. It’s easy to say this and no one can imagine unless in such circumstances but to see such determination from this young man is inspirational.

Alex, if you’re reading this and you and your family want to come out to Verbier for some fresh air and stunning views, let me know.

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