2 February 2015

Here’s a question for you: have you been watching the Real Housewives of Cheshire? While I haven’t seen it myself, I’ve heard horrendous things about it from some very vocal, very angry women – the real wives in Cheshire who don’t think it’s reflective of the people or the place at all. From what I’ve heard, I think they’re right.

cheshire_sign_300x225It makes you wonder how much of what you see in these kinds of shows is real and how much has been set up or sensationalised. Either way, it’s not a great message to be sending out. I talk a lot about role models and it’s a shame that so few truly inspiring people make the cut in these programmes.

I understand that TV companies have got to make programmes that people want to watch and it’s much easier to poke fun, but at what cost? One of our account manager’s girlfriends has just set up a healthy cafe called ‘The Garden’ in Hale. There are four girls there and you look at the business they’ve set up and the passion and the courage they’ve had to show to do that, joining forces together, and it makes you realize – they’re the sort of people we should be doing documentaries about. They’re the role models. We need to be focussing more on these types of people and highlighting them and saying well done.

If you’re a kid and you’re watching a TV programme like that, do you think, “I’ve got to make loads of money and behave like this as well”? Trust me, kids, you don’t. This is not what reality is about and it’s certainly not what making money is about. If you want to work hard and go somewhere in life you need to really focus on different types of people, not just one, but certainly look at sensationalised programmes like this and think, “You know what, I do not what to turn out like that.” It’s so important.

And if you’re in Hale or the surrounding area, go and try The Garden. It’s some of the best dairy free and wheat free food I’ve ever had.

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