5 February 2015

If you’ve been reading my blogs for a while, chances are you’ll have come across the phrase ‘the paper round gene’ at some point. If not, you might be wondering what it is. For UKFast, it’s something we look for when we’re looking for new people, much like we are right now.

newspaper_300x225Put simply, it all comes down to one question: when did you get your first job? Whether it was a Saturday job helping in a shop or – as the term suggests – a paper round, having had a level of responsibility at an early age demonstrates a certain level of resilience.

Every single person at UKFast that I can think of has had a job of some sort from the age of about 13, and in some ways it’s much more important than which university you’ve been to or the qualifications you can list on a piece of paper. In our experience, if you take on somebody who had a paper round at an early age and had to get up in the terrible weather – the British rain and wind – to deliver day in, day out, that’s something that will live with them throughout their life. Doing anything after that will be easy!

We will always try to recruit people who have that passion, that hunger and that ability to want to soldier through no matter what. So if you’re someone who used to get up at the crack of dawn to do a job while fighting the pouring rain and the biting wind, maybe you should drop into the office and say hello. You sound like UKFast material.

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