6 February 2015

Earlier this week, our latest financial results were released. It was a big moment for UKFast and I’m so proud. Our revenue and EBITDA have both seen significant increases, and I think this is in part to do with the incredible innovators we have within the team.

upward-graph_300x225We’ve always found people who crave a challenge and who, when faced with the idea of buying products off the shelf, have knocked on my door and said, “Can we make it instead?” The eCloud range has been a big part of our growth, and that was designed and created by members of our team.

TheBusinessDesk reported that we were living up to our name, and I suppose they’re right. It has been a remarkable year for us; however, I think we could speed up our expansion. This isn’t to say we will, as there are certainly dangers with that. I’d rather go at the pace we’re going and build a steady ship and a steady client base than boom and bust.

For us, I think we’re always building and then reinvesting, so the next stage will be very interesting. We will continue to plough our profits back into the team and the clients, making sure that the service we deliver and the workplace we’ve created are second to none. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store.

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