16 February 2015

byod_300x225Social media has been an incredible phenomenon. I still remember the days when, as a business, we had to persuade people that the internet was the way forwards.

Looking at all the websites and applications that have sprung up across the digital landscape, enabling people to communicate, to learn and to share, it’s clear things have changed drastically since then.

However, whilst it’s certainly made some things easier, social media has also created its fair share of dilemmas that we haven’t really had to consider before. Take Facebook, which recently began letting its users choose someone to partially control their page in the event of their death. They have called it a legacy contact and whilst that individual won’t be able to read the deceased’s messages, there are a number of things they can do, like putting an announcement on your profile with details of any memorial services being held. Alternatively, you can also request that Facebook delete your profile.

Either way, memorial pages on Facebook are common, but are they complicated emotionally for those left behind or an important way of making sure people are remembered? What are your thoughts on this? Is having a memorial contact a good idea? Has social media complicated major life events or made them easier?

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