6 March 2015

In the news yesterday, I came across an article about how many girls are still lacking the confidence to go into science and technology, despite doing well in school and often outperforming us boys.

cabinet_reshufflePersonally, I don’t think success in any area is down to an inherent ability or ‘gift’ but investment in time in a chosen area. The question becomes: are we as parents and teachers instilling enough confidence in today’s young people and making sure they see every subject as fair game? The notion that technology is somehow a boy’s subject is utter nonsense.

So where do we make a change? Is society still holding women back, albeit unintentionally? I have three girls and I can see already at school how the boys get an area of the playground at break where they all play football. They are being encouraged to compete.

Whilst this example is obviously about sport, what it does show is that if we’re not careful we’re in danger of nudging boys and girls in different directions, or making them less likely to choose different paths, whether subconsciously or not.

Start changing the way girls are treated at school and you will start seeing a difference later down the line. It’s just a matter of time, belief and encouragement, all necessary components of success, and all necessary in positive social conditioning of our future generations.

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