13 March 2015

One of my favourite assessments of UKFast came from one of the guys on our technical team, when he described it as a place of “relentless opportunities”. As a business owner, when you get great people on board, your goal is to keep them engaged, motivated and challenged. This is especially true when you hire the kind of competitive, energised personality type you find at UKFast!

When you think about the times people become disengaged and look for opportunities elsewhere, it tends to happen when they feel like they have hit a ceiling and can’t climb any higher. Yet this doesn’t have to be the case.

I remember a few years ago, when UKFast was approaching one hundred staff. It was actually quite a nervous time, as we wanted to hang onto the buzz and dynamism of the original, smaller team we’d had at the beginning. When I asked Richard Branson about this, he suggested doing as he had done and cutting the business in half. This way, you create more senior positions for people to rise up through the ranks and step into.

Looking back, I’m glad we took his advice. Now we make sure everyone in the company has ownership a certain area of the business, and the responsibility to help it grow and succeed. The faster we grow, the more opportunities we create for people, and – trust me – we’re about to put our foot quite firmly on the pedal.

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