24 March 2015

If you follow UKFast on Twitter, you might have seen our announcement about security expert Andy Hague jumping on board to head up Secarma, our cybersecurity division.

Andy_hague_press_shotOver the years we’ve got into the habit of, every now and again, drawing a line in the sand and looking at not only where we’ve come from but also how we can build on any areas of growth moving forward.

This year, I’m looking at the position we’re in and realising just how many opportunities we have. One of the areas we’re really focusing on is Secarma.

While we’ve grown it internally, there is still a huge amount of untapped potential and scope to really add some extra value for our customers.

What we want to do is really help people to understand the importance of securing their IT infrastructure and protecting their data. One of my biggest worries is that some of the big brands we buy from online still haven’t made cybersecurity a priority. It still surprises me, for example, that more hosting providers don’t put all of their customers behind a firewall. You’ve got big ecommerce sites and data capture sites that are not being put behind a firewall, and I think it’s fair to say that’s a cause for concern.

Everyone is vulnerable to cybercrime, ourselves included, so having someone like Andy joining us as managing director of Secarma is hugely valuable. With things like vulnerability scans and penetration testing, it’s a division that can really help organisations stay safe.

Personally, I can’t wait to look back on this moment this time next year and see the impact I know he will have. That said, even if we only prevented a handful of businesses from experiencing the pain of losing their data – their livelihood – it would still be worth it. Don’t struggle with cybersecurity alone – we’re here to help you. As our strapline says, your future really is our business.

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