25 March 2015

SPRINGBOARDReflecting on the past few years with my team, it’s become apparent where our weaknesses are and what our opportunities are for the future. Getting everyone together for a summit at UKFast HQ a couple of weeks ago, we realised that one of the biggest areas for growth is marketing.

UKFast, like any normal SMB, has had a small marketing team and we’ve always been very passionate about what we do. Additionally, we’re also very close to our customers, so we have a good understanding of what they want and need, but I think now is the opportunity to widen our marketing net.

We’ve advertised hugely on Google over the years and dipped our toe into the water in other areas too, yet we now have scientific evidence to say which of those areas have worked. So I’d say we’re in quite a strong position to roll out some of these things and really amplify them.

It’s time to get organised. The way I see it, the position we’re in now is like a springboard, ready to accelerate into the next generation of UKFast. I can’t wait to see where we’ll be this time next year…

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