26 March 2015

I read yesterday that the BBC has decided not to renew Jeremy Clarkson’s contract following a “fracas” with a Top Gear producer.

jeremy_clarkson300x225Whilst it’s sad for all his fans, I think it’s probably the right decision. There is no place for violence in the workplace. Business leaders and celebrities need to be doubly careful when placed in a position of authority, to listen and deal with stressful situations in the calmest manner possible. However frustrating the situation for Clarkson, punching someone is simply unacceptable.

Sadly, he put the BBC in a no win situation and I’d imagine the team at the top are scratching their heads over this. With increasing pressure after the Jimmy Savile findings and a string of further allegations, the BBC is having to make a concerted effort to be both unbiased and balanced to get over the associated damage brought on by larger than life stars who have acted more than inappropriately.

Ultimately, I think the BBC needs to look inwardly at its cultural values and rebuild if it wants to regain the authoritative position it once held in everyone’s hearts.

Their decision, no matter how infuriating for fans (who will no doubt follow Clarkson to a different channel) is the right message to send out to the rest of the BBC team and everyone watching. Hopefully Clarkson will learn that he can still be a huge personality without throwing his weight around.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Is it the end of the road for Top Gear?

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