30 March 2015

Why do we place so much emphasis on shared values at UKFast? Is it really that important to hire like-minded people? Both fair questions and ones I have been asked many times over the years, yet in my experience, the answer is simple: it’s essential.

I think it was Peter Drucker who said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” and it’s a statement I can certainly get behind. Go inside the hub of any successful business – Facebook or Google – and you will find like-minded people buzzing around like bees in a hive, all contributing to a shared goal. It’s when you get someone going against the flow of the business that this process gets disrupted.

While we might speak, dress or behave differently at UKFast, we are fundamentally alike when you look beneath the surface. One of our core values has always been ‘supportive’ and if you’re moving towards a management position or directorship, it’s absolutely crucial. There’s no way you would make it to that level without being an exceptionally supportive, empathetic and observant person who can pick up on the signs if someone’s not feeling at their best or if they’re struggling in their personal life.

We call it the supportive gene and it’s a trait we actually test for, and not only during assessment days either. If you look at the tech support team, we actually reward them for the level of support they provide to clients. It’s part of the lifeblood of UKFast. I think everyone at UKFast possesses this supportive gene in one way or another and it makes me feel really proud to know that they’re creating an environment where no one person can get overlooked or feel like they have to deal with something alone.

I call UKFast a family for a reason, and it’s a family I wouldn’t change for the world.

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