1 April 2015

Since deploying our AI servers last April, our focus has been on creating the highest level of backup and redundancy; whether it’s servers, firewalls or data, we want all of the bases covered. However, whilst we had managed to prepare for most eventualities, I realised that there was one area we hadn’t yet ventured into: backing up people.

While we’ve always had a commitment to innovation, empowering different departments to work on their own projects, the RnD team have really surpassed themselves this year. Their latest solution, U Klone Fast Technology, has actually reduced staff downtime completely!

Much like our twinned servers, there is now always one employee on standby. If one slows down or stops working, a seamless failover to the backup employee occurs instantaneously. We’ve always said people were at the heart of hosting so it seemed like a natural next step to back them all up.

To find out more about U Klone Fast technology, feel free to watch our introductory video:

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