8 April 2015

With the pre-election bluster and mud slinging stepping up a gear, I was recently asked for my views on the idea of a Northern Powerhouse. My response? Bring it on! It’s happening whether people like it or not.

manchester_signpost_300x225Manchester is thriving, so why shouldn’t it take on the capital? I’ve always been a firm believer in healthy competition, and I am personally working hard to create a real “North-South divide,” where it’s the perfect location to live and thrive, bring up your children and set up a business.

We are closer to London than people think, but we shouldn’t be aiming for the number two spot. We should take on the capital without compromise.

Manchester has an established network of businesses like nowhere else I have seen. A blend of second and third generation of businesses balanced with the hunger of entrepreneurs who can see the noticeable gap from where they have come from to where they want to be. Couple this with Manchester’s strong schools, fascination with sport, heritage and location and you start to understand why Manchester’s back on the map.

That being said, I don’t believe Osborne is right to say, that one area should receive special benefits that could make it “as bright, if not brighter, than other parts of the UK”.

This isn’t fair and it contradicts Mr Cameron, who says a strong UK economy depends on no part of the country being “left behind”.

By the very nature of one area gaining an advantage, it leaves others behind. This is entrepreneurialism! It’s competition. Nothing in life is equal. There’s a competition forming and we are already a better place to live and work in so many ways.

It’s time to stop fretting about one area of the country somehow getting ahead of the pack. There’s a competition forming and my bet’s on the North!

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